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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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i think they have been looking around for what they can afford, and they have not been able to afford anything comparable. they have this huge, massive garden, and for them to find a replacement home in san francisco, they don't believe they can afford it. she was forced to retire because he intended to live in san francisco, but because of the situation, she has been forced to retirement. vice president fung: they're going to continue to look in san francisco? >> there are looking outside now because they cannot afford anything close to what they have currently. it vice president fung: ok, what about the unit that was offered to them. did that occur? >> it did not have the garden, and the selling point to them was the fabulous garden they have spent a lot of time on. ivice president fung: ok. president hwang: i'm sorry, did she say she was forced into
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early retirement? >> yes, it was a decision, knowing they had to move out of san francisco, and knowing they cannot find a replacement location in san francisco, she decided to retire early. president hwang: ok. than kyou. >> commissioners, unless you have other questions, the matter is submitted. vice president fung: commissioners, in this particular instance, an effort
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had been made to try to assist the current tenants. the property owner is now faced with some potentially serious actions since this has already gone through abatement and the enforcement action. i am forced to uphold the permit and allow them to extricate themselves from that together action. -- from that particular action. commissioner lazarus: i would support that. vice president fung: i move to uphold the permit. >> is that on the basis of the abatement proceeding? vice president fung: yes.
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>> we have a motion from the vice president to deny this appeal and to uphold the permit on the basis of the pending abatement proceeding at the department of building inspection. on that motion -- president hwang: aye. commissioner lazarus: aye. >> thank you. the vote is 3-0, and this permit is upheld on that basis. thank you. >> thank you. are we ready to move back to item number eight?
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>> thank you, scott sanchez, planning department. it is my understanding they have reached an agreement and will be withdrawing the appeal, but i will wait for them to come back into the room to confirm that. >> ok. vice president fung: did the add a screen to the side of the porch? >> i don't know if the agreement is anything that would require this board to take any action, thank you. thank you, it sounds like they're still considering some of the alternatives, so i don't know if the board would like to
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continue the matter or to take a recess. to the board, i'm sorry. president hwang: how president hwang: we are resuming the meeting. i understand an agreement has been reached, is that correct? >> that is correct. for the appellant, thank you for giving us the time to work this out. we appreciate it. and all the work you do. we did reach an agreement, a major issue in this was one of privacy and open space. there were other issues. we have been able to resolve the issues, chiefly one concerning privacy and i would like to read
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into the record the agreement we reached. please bear with me, it is short. president hwangvice president fu withdrawing? >> we would be withdrawing subject to the stipulations. president hwang: [unintelligible] >> it is respect -- with respect to the north elevation of 2680 green street. a two feet six inch deep planter and a glass railing at building -- to return 5 feet along the north side of the deck and we're talking about the
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roof here. the planter on the roof. it is not clear what was written here right now. on the next level down which would be the fourth floor, a 2 foot 6 inch deep planter. the third floor, remove bedroom , number three balcony. this will not be proposed again under current ownership. this is the offending balcony, this was an eight-foot deep projection -- projecting balconies 1 foot from the property line. you could look into the neighbor's master bedroom from the deck. item number four, neighbors to the east of 2680 green will support a future permit application for a 4 foot inch projecting -- deep projecting
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balconies. that would be awfully kitchen level. this agreement does not intend to imply any further restrictions on permit applications for any exceptions except for the balcony at bedrooms 3 under current ownership. note, planters in items 1 and 2 above to be integral to the structure of the building. that is it, commissioners and thank you for listening and thinking for giving us the time. very good and congratulations, a ++congratulations.
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thank you. president hwang: do have a withdrawal? -- do you have a withdrawal? if there is no further business, we are adjourned. >> hello, i am with the recreation and parks department. we are featuring the romantic park location in your backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in santa and cisco with someone special.
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-- san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog walkers. both have a significant force. a refreshing retreat from urban life. the romantic past that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we
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have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights located in the heart of this district. it offers a view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. it is one of the best kept secrets in the city. it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. , bought a 37 bus to get there without any parking worries. for legged friends can run freely. there is also a patch of grass for the small box. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place to have these kinds of parks.
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that dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice of the wildfires that are on the grassland and keep your head out on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. be sure to take your camera and be prepared to take a view of the city will not forget. it has a beautiful red rock formations. you could watch the sunrise over the bay. this is another one of our great lookouts. we are at mount davidson. 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. to not forget that dogs and enjoy all of the pathways and greenery that surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of
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open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the city. come up here and listen to nature, i get some fresh air. that view is fantastic. >> where sturdy shoes. hikers get the feeling of being in a rain forest. mount davidson is also a great place to escape the noise and the bustle of the city. take the 36 bus and it will drop you at the entrance. it is quite a hike to the top but the view is worth every step. this is the place to bring that someone special.
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golden gate park's largest body of water is an enchanting place. is a popular spot for paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed for these your boating -- for leisure boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flourished. there is also a waterfall, two bridges, and trails the climb to the summit, the highest point at more than four hundred feet. you can catch glimpses of the western side of the city that make this hilltop a romantic look out. for public transit, i take the n
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train. the lad the ad -- lake is ada accessible. watch many ducks, swans, and siegel's. -- seagulls. it is a great place to stroll and sail away. many couples come here to take a ride around a lake, going under the bridges, passing the chinese pavilion and the waterfall. for a quiet getaway, making for a memorable and magical experience. located on 19th avenue, this growth is the place to where you're hiking boots, bring the family and the dog because it has so much to offer you and
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your loved ones. it is a truly hidden gem in the city. the park is rich with eucalyptus trees. long paths allow you to meander, perfect for a dog walking in a wooded environment. >> i enjoy the history. the diversity of nature that exists in such an urban city, concrete streets, cars, we have this oasis of the natural environment. it reminds us of what the history was. >> there is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available on the 28 bus to get you very easily. the part is ada -- park is ada accessible. it is also a natural lake.
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this is your chance to stroll around the lake and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is a place to find and appreciate what you -- a wonderful breath of fresh air. come and experience in this park and enjoy the people, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved ones. in the middle of pacific heights, on top of these hills, it offers a great square, a peaceful beauty, large trees and grass and greenery. it features tables and benches, a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for football and picnics. it is very much a couple's park.
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there are many activities you can experience together. stroll on the pathways, bring your dog, or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all that it has to offer together. many couples find this is a perfect park to throw down a blanket and soak up the sun. it is a majestic place that you can share with someone you chairs. lafayette park is also easily accessed from the 47, 49, and 90 buses. it is ada accessible. we are here at the historic palace of fine art in the marina district. originally built for the 1950's
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exposition, the palace is situated on san francisco's number waterfront. it is ada accessible and is reached by the 28, 30, and 91 bus lines. set against the reflecting waters of the lagoon and eucalyptus trees, the palace is one of san francisco post most -- san francisco's most romantic spots to relax with that special someone while listening to the water and gazing at the swans. a beautiful to view from many locations along the mattoon, an ideal place to -- all -- lagoon, an ideal place to walk with a loved one. reservations for weddings are available at
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discarding contains plants referred to by william shakespeare's plays and poems. welcome to the shakespeare garden here in the famous golden gate park. located near the museum and the california academy of sciences, the garden was designed by the california spring blossom and wildfilower association. here is a truly enchanting and tranquil garden along a path behind a charming gate. this garden is the spot to woo your date. stroll around and appreciate its unique setting. the gorgeous brick walkway and a
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brick wall, the stone benches, the rustic sundial. chaired the part -- share the bard's word hundred famous verses from a shakespearean plays. this is a gem to share with someone special. pack a picnic, find a bench, and enjoy the sunshine, and let the whimsical words of william shakespeare and floats you and your loved one away. this is one of the most popular wedding locations and is available for reservations. take a bus and have no parking worries. shakespeares' garden is ada accessible. located at the bottom of this hill, it is a secret garden with an infinite in captivating appeal. carefully tucked away, it makes
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the top of our list for most intimate pyknic setting. avoid all taurus cars and hassles by taking a cable car. or the 30, 45, or 91 bus. the garden was designed by thomas church in 1957. grow old with me, the best is yet to be is inscribed on a sundial. it is anchored by twin white gazebos and flowers that bloom year-round. this is the place to tell someone special or the place to declare the commitment you two share. weddings and the event reservations are available for this adorable hidden gem.
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we know there are many other romantic parks in san francisco. we hope you have enjoyed this torre of lookouts, picnics, and strolls that are available every day. until next time, do not forget to get out and play. for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations or any other location, call 831-5500. this number is best for special events, weddings, picnics, and the county fair buildings. or for any athletic field, call 831-5510. you can write us at -- or walk in and say hello.
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and of course you can find more information -- >> feel like it really is a community. they are not the same thing, but it really does feel like there's that kind of a five. everybody is there to enjoy a literary reading. >> the best lit in san francisco. friendly, free, and you might get fed. ♪ [applause] >> this san francisco ryther
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created the radar reading series in 2003. she was inspired when she first moved to this city in the early 1990's and discover the wild west atmosphere of open mi it's ic in the mission. >> although there were these open mics every night of the week, they were super macho. people writing poems about being jerks. beatty their chest onstage. >> she was energized by the scene and proved up with other girls who wanted their voices to be heard. touring the country and sharing gen-x 7 as a. her mainstream reputation grew with her novel. theses san francisco public
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library took notice and asked her if she would begin carrying a monthly reading series based on her community. >> a lot of the raiders that i work with our like underground writers. they're just coming at publishing and at being a writer from this underground way. coming in to the library is awesome. very good for the library to show this writing community that they are welcome. at first, people were like, you want me to read at the library, really? things like that. >> as a documentary, there are interviews -- [inaudible] >> radar readings are focused on clear culture. strayed all others might write about gay authors. gay authors might write about
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universal experiences. the host creates a welcoming environment for everybody. there is no cultural barrier to entry. >> the demographic of people who come will match the demographic of the reader. it is very simple. if we want more people of color, you book more people of color. you want more women, your book more women. kind of like that. it gets mixed up a little bit. in general, we kind of have a core group of people who come every month. their ages and very. we definitely have some folks who are straight. >> the loyal audience has allowed michelle to take more chances with the monthly lineup. established authors bring in an
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older audience. younker authors bring in their friends from the community who might be bringing in an older author. >> raider has provided a stage for more than 400 writers. it ranges from fiction to academics stories to academic stories this service the underground of queer fell, history, or culture. >> and there are so many different literary circles in san francisco. i have been programming this reading series for nine years. and i still have a huge list on my computer of people i need to carry into this. >> the supportive audience has allowed michele to try new experiment this year, the radar book club. a deep explorationer of a single work. after the talk, she bounces on stage to jump-start the q&a. less charlie rose and more
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carson daly. >> san francisco is consistently ranked as one of the most literate cities in the united states. multiple reading events are happening every night of the year, competing against a big names like city arts and lectures. radar was voted the winner of these san francisco contest. after two decades of working for free, michelle is able to make radar her full-time job. >> i am a right to myself, but i feel like my work in this world is eagerly to bring writers together and to produce literary events. if i was only doing my own work, i would not be happy. it is, like throwing a party or a dinner party. i can match that person with that per


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